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The Portable Oxygen Store is a division of The Medical Department Store, we are the leading supplier of medical products and portable oxygen concentrators for over 25 years. Based in Venice, Fl, we offer support for our oxygen customers in the USA and around the world. Our expert sales and service technicians, are available for your questions. We also employee 2 full time respiratory therapists. Let our trained experts help you select the right oxygen concentrator, for you and your oxygen requirements.


I do not write these very often; however, in this case, I spoke with a number of companies that all had about the same price. The Portable Oxygen Store had the right answers my questions! They gave me a number of options that would work for my Mother and, after a few phone calls back and forth, a new Inogen One G3 was delivered. There was no high pressure to buy, but the Portable Oxygen Store had knowledge and a understanding staff, which is something that’s lacking in a lot of business these days.
-Sandy Willis

I was going on a cruise to the Caribbean with my concentrator. I dropped the unit and the display went dead so I needed a replacement. I called the Portable Oxygen Store and they had the unit delivered fully charged to the hotel in Ft Lauderdale, FL before I arrived in. Christine followed up with multiple phone calls, one stating when it would be delivered and another just to check on me and make sure that everything was working. Thank You and Bon Voyage!
Shelly Emery

When I found out I needed 3 LPM of oxygen from my physician, I had pictured myself being hooked to a huge loud machine and stuck home tethered to a oxygen concentrator or dragging a oxygen tank on a cart. Upset and at wits end, I did a search and called the Portable Oxygen Store. I explained my issues and they gave me information. The young lady gave my a number of options and information on a oxygen machine that weighs just 5 lbs, The Inogen One G3, and how small and light it really is. I really like it, it’s easy to use, and heck I can charge it on my boat. If you are in the same situation, it’s worth giving the company all call. They have the answers.
Kristine James

I want to thank Portable Oxygen Store for the recent experience we had. Your staff members could not have been more helpful, courteous, knowledgeable and friendly. Being new to this, I made several calls to gain product knowledge, pricing and inquire about purchase options. Your staff answered all our questions and, in a way, “held our hands” figuratively through the process and gave us a number of options. They made recommendations based upon their vast product experience, repair histories and ease of use. Talk about accommodating and helpful.
Kelly Minor

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