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How to Properly Care for Your Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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Purchasing a Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a considerable expense. Keeping yours in tiptop shape is relatively easy, simple maintenance and care is key! Think about it, the Portable Oxygen device, is needed to help keep you healthy, and it should be treated with even more care!

Filters: Most manufacturers’ specifications, require that the machines filters be changed, either semi-annually or annually. Its important that you check your owner’s manual and change the filters as required. A dirty filter makes the machine work harder to run and may cause failure. (Some portable models don't have a removable filter.)

Keep it in its protective case or carry bag . Only use your Portable Concentrator in the manufactures bag, its design has the proper air vent outlets, allowing the machine to run properly and cool itself. An added benefit is that the bag will slow down the build up of dust, and prevent any odors or airborne debris from getting inside the machines vents.

Always keep it fully charged up: Never store your Portable Concentrator, with the unit’s battery or external battery at a low charge, or empty. This causes the battery's life to shorten significantly. Be sure to make sure its fully charged up, with both the internal and external batteries, before storage.

Please take time to keep it clean: Make this part general maintenance of your Portable Oxygen Concentrator. If your using it daily, every week take it out of its case or carry bag and wipe down any dust, take a few minutes too inspect the unit. Be sure to check the intake vents and make sure they are clean..

How to Properly Clean Your Portable Oxygen Concentrator : Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe away any dirt from the plastic outer shell. You should do the same with the inside and outside of your carry case. Keep it simple, warm water and vinegar work very well to remove dirt and sanitize.

Power Cords: Keep them tangle free. Only use the power cords and power pack that were supplied with your Portable Concentrator. While other power-cords may look similar, cheap or inferior power cords can cause serious damage to your Oxygen Concentrator. If it is lost or damaged, we offer replacements and spares in our onlie store.

Most Portable Concentrators are covered by a 2-3 year warranty.Most manufactures offer extended service plans.

Should you experience an issue with your Portable Oxygen Concentrator, weather it is warranty or not, and are you are experience problems. Unfortunately these units are extremely complex and for the most part are not user serviceable . Please Contact Us or an authorized service center for repairs.