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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Buying Guide

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When your Physician has prescribed Medical Oxygen Therapy for yourself or a loved one, the patient or yourself often feels like their freedom has been taken away, finding it difficult to enjoy an active lifestyle they have grown accustomed to.

Now that the Portable Oxygen Concentrator has entered the market, it is a remarkable improvement over dragging, carrying tanks, changing oxygen tanks and waiting for oxygen tank deliveries. The Portable Oxygen Concentrator gives the user the ability to be free from the constraints of dealing with oxygen tanks.

The Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a technical wonder! These lightweight devices can weigh as little as 2 lbs., and provide up to 5 hours of use on their battery. The ability to quickly change out batteries, with the added ability to run the Portable Concentrator while charging on your automobiles cigarette lighter or electric port. It means that traveling, shopping, or just getting out with your friends, just got a whole lot easier!

The only unfortunate thing is, Portable Oxygen Concentrators are expensive, and the most disappointing thing is that insurance and Medicare will not purchase the units.

If you have decided that, a Portable Oxygen Concentrator may be right for your and your lifestyle, there are a number of models on the market. How does one decide which model will be the best portable oxygen concentrator, for their own personal needs?

First, your own personal oxygen needs:

Oxygen Delivery:

The most important feature you and your physician must decide, when purchasing a Portable Concentrator is how much oxygen is delivered and how it is delivered. Typically patients receive oxygen in pulse mode, meaning that the air is delivered in puffs as opposed to a continuous stream. Others may require continuous flow delivery.

Battery Life:

Portable Concentrator technology as well as battery technology, has improved dramatically over the past few years. Models like the Inogen One G3 battery life is 4.3 hours, additional batteries can be purchased for all models, and with quick and easy installation, it makes traveling or flying to your favorite vacation spot easy again!


A big consideration for almost every one! We offer 8 models with pulse flow. This technology allows for a huge weight savings advantage. Units like the Airsep Focus weigh just 1.75 lbs!

When the use of continuous flow is needed or required, models need to be a bit more robust, like the Respironics SimplyGo at 10lbs, and the Sequal Eclipse at 18 lbs are tops in this category. Being a bit heavy, they both come with easy pull carts that allow for easy traveling. To note the authors favorite is the Oxlife Independence, due to its weight and battery life.

Airline Travel:

Each Portable Concentrator we sell, all meet FAA requirements and all are approved for flight. Keep in mind when traveling that most airlines will require at a minimum 3 times the flight length in batteries. Its best to check with your airline before you purchase tickets for their Portable Oxygen Concentrator requirements.

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When purchasing a new oxygen therapy device, it is important to look at all of the features, benefits, and warranty coverage of each model. While taking into consideration how you will be using it and what your oxygen needs are.

However, regardless of what model you choose, you are sure to enjoy the freedom of being able to travel in ways that, several years ago, were not possible for patients requiring oxygen therapy. We are here to help! Let our experts assist you in the selection, call 866-218-0902!

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