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DeVilbiss iFill Personal Oxygen Filling Station 535D


Product Description

The DeVilbiss iFill Personal Oxygen Station represents the latest in portable oxygen convenience, providing unmatched flexibility and ease of use. The iFill unit extracts purified oxygen from room air using standard oxygen concentrator technology and pressurizes it to fill oxygen cylinders. Cylinders are safely, quickly and conveniently filled in your home. The iFill can be placed and used virtually anywhere in the home, minimizing the noise and disruption to daily life. Additionally, the iFill can be used in conjunction with any oxygen concentrator.


    • Makes it easy and convenient to fill portable oxygen cylinders in your home and gives you greater freedom to come and go as you please
    • Choice of cylinders - Standard 870 Post Valve or with integrated DeVilbiss PulseDose Oxygen Conserving Device or integrated Continuous Flow regulator
Divilbiss Ifll Fill Station Concentrator


  • DeVilbiss iFill Personal Oxygen Station is the only stand-alone oxygen filling station on the market
  • Ergonomic design with easy-roll casters make iFill easy to move and store when not in use
  • Patient can place and use the iFill virtually anywhere in the home, minimizing disruption to daily life
  • Provides the flexibility to fill all iFill cylinder sizes: M6, ML6, C, D and E
  • iFill cylinders available with integrated PulseDose PD1000 Oxygen Conserving Device, integrated Continuous Flow Regulator, or standard 870 Post Valve for use with any regulator or conserving device
  • Easy and convenient to fill portable iFill oxygen cylinders in your home, giving you greater freedom to come and go as you please
  • Easily tops off partially-filled cylinders
  • Automatically shuts off when filling is complete
  • Intuitive design is easy to use - simply align the cylinder's nipple connector with the fill connector on the unit and click into place
  • Control panel lights indicate when cylinder is filling and when it's full
  • Large cylinder release ring is designed for individuals with limited dexterity by requiring little pressure to depress
  • Designed to fill iFill oxygen cylinders only and cannot be used for direct oxygen inspiration



Product Dimensions

28.5"H x 12.25"W x 22.5"D

Oxygen purity

93% +/- 3%

Sound level


Filling time

75Min ( M6 cylinder )

Electrical Requirements

115V, 60Hz, 4.1Amps

Power Consumption


Cylinder top off


Product weight



Model Fill Time (Minutes) Weight (lb) Oxygen Duration (Hours at 2 lpm + 20 bpm)
M4 PulseDose 60 3.5 2.9
M4 870 Post 60 3.1 -
M6 PulseDose 75 4.1 4.1
M6 CF Regulator  75 3.9 1.4
M6 870 Post 75 3.9 -
ML6 PulseDose 90 4.8 4.3
ML6 CF Regulator 90 4.6 1.4
ML6 870 Post 90 4.6 -
C PulseDose 130 5.6 6.1
C CF Regulator 130 5.4 2.0
C 870 Post 130 5.4 -
D PulseDose 215 7.2 10.5
D CF Regulator 215 7.0 3.5
D 870 Post 215 7.0 -
E PulseDose 350 9.8 17.2
E CF Regulator 350 9.6 5.7

Product Videos

iFill 60-Second Commercial (01:02)
  • iFill 60-Second Commercial

Warranty Information


3 years (or 8,000 hours) - whichever comes first

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