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Having The Right Oxygen Equipment Is Important. How Do You Choose?

The selection of a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) should not be difficult. This can an exciting purchase and hopefully we can work with you to make it quite simple, staraightforward and easy. This new purchase is going to give you back some of that freedom and independance that has been lost, after being tied to a home concetrator or waiting for oxygen tank deliverys.

The choice is yours! In selecting a Portable Concentrator, there are just two oxygen delivery methods. Pulse Dose (on-demand when oxygen device senses a breath) and Continuous Flow (steady stream of Oxygen).

However, there are a few important factors for you to consider.
First, you simply need to know and understand what your physician is prescribing. We are here to help you. Your physician will prescribe a setting or how much oxygen (Liters Per Minute "LPM") is required, and how the oxygen is to be delivered.

In selection, price, weight and battery life all come into play. When choosing, you will find that Pulse Dose Portable Concetrators weight is considerably less than the Continious Flow Concentrators. However a supplied travel cart, with all models of Continious Flow Concentrators, makes traving a breeze!

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